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Welcome to True Tails!

Thank you for choosing True Tails to care for one of the most important parts of your family . . . Your Pet(s).

True Tails is owned and operated by Rhonda Feldsher, a certified veterinary technician since 1985 and a graduate of Harcum Jr. College in Bryn Mawr, PA.

My love and understanding of animals came to me at an early age. At less than a year old my first relationship was with a beautiful brindle boxer named Mcgee. We were truly attached at the hip. Every where I went he was always by my side. attached to my playpen to guard over me, and he did. We had an extraordinary connection, we spoke each others language.

And so it began..............
From there it blossomed into growing up in a house always filled with animals. Two dogs and two cats.....wild robins, bunnies...and whatever crossed my path that was in need of help. I was always there to save their day, to give a good home to or fix a broken wing... whatever was needed....it was no problem for this kid! Needless to say, I drove my parents bonkers!!!

So, off to college it was for me to get the proper training and certification that was needed to work with animals!! After graduation I worked at Smith, Kline & French, from there I went on to work in several veterinary offices which I assisted in many surgeries, which was a particular love of mine!
But somehow I felt something was still missing. I wasn't doing enough. I couldn't figure it out. So, I ended up moving to Fort Myers, Florida to seek out my destiny in the animal world.
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Lo and behold working as a medical assistant, I came across a man with cougars, lions, leopards and the like!!!!! It was quite exciting!!! I asked how I could get involved!! After a year of studying and working with these beautiful creatures, I had my permit and I adopted my first 3 week old baby Florida Panther and I was involved in the Panther Project in Florida!! WOW!!! While I was still working as a medical assistant I founded and operated Wildcat Ranch, a non profit organization for the study of the behavior of the Florida Panther. I was one tired puppy, no pun intended!! I had 2 cougars and 2 bobcats that I hand raised & studied and documented behavior in captivity. Very exciting stuff!

Unfortunately, my folks became ill, and I had to return home in 1999. Yes, my babies are all here too, living beautiful lives at T&D's Cats of the World in Penn's Creek, PA. I visit one weekend a month and I donate my time and money for all the big cats there!! I miss them terribly...and yes...they know when I return...one quick whistle and they come running!!! So here I am, back home, and missing working with animals again. I really wanted to do to just something a little different than that on a medical level. And so began True Tails!!

True Tails offers not only a pet sitting service, but advice and information about your pets, their very special way about them, their language, their likes & dislikes and some basic in home medical knowledge for the average pet owner. But most of all to we offer a way to show the public how really special all of our animals are and how much we can learn from them just by watching what they do. Especially that unconditional love part. Wouldn't the world be a better place if man kind could get that one down!!
My quest for True Tails is to deliver unconditional love and care, in a one on one environment, to a special member of your family.. for all animals! I strive to make your pets happy, healthy and secure while your away...no separation anxiety here!! Why shouldn't they have a great time while your away! And all of these quality services are provided by an experienced vet tech with many years of experience & even more different kinds of animals !!

Dog Walking Service, Dog Training, Puppy Visits and Dog & Cat Sitting Services For Your Pet in Honey Brook Pennsylvania.
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